Redshift 7 Premium - Download Edition

Redshift 7 Premium - Download Version

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CD/DVD not included

Redshift 7 Premium is your comprehensive guide to the heavens. A huge panorama of the Milky Way, photo-realistic horizons and a 3-D flight out of our galaxy are only a few ways in which Redshift turns astronomy into a breathtaking and inspiring experience. Countless unique features such as telescope and joystick control, over 100 multimedia tours, macro recorder to create your own tours, online access to the Digitized Sky Survey and Google Maps, high quality videos, animations and the extensive help make Redshift 7 Premium the indispensable guide to the night skies.


The Download version does not contain:

  • Video Gallery
  • Video History of the Universe
  • Lectures
  • Printed Manual
  • USNO-B1.0 star catalog (there are "only" 2.5 million stars instead of 100 million but you can easily update the software online)

To find out more about the DVD-ROM Edition "Redshift 7 Premium" containing all the features click here.

New Features:

  • Realistic 3-D model of our galaxy with impressive 3-D flights
  • Now more than 2.5 million stars, planets and Deep Sky objects
  • Includes exoplanets an dwarf planets
  • New Horizon Panoramas für Earth, Moon and Mars
  • Direct access to star catalogs SIMBAD and SOHO
  • Download of new discoveries and orbital data of satellites, comets and asteroids from the latest object databases on the Internet into the main Redshift database. Updates are provided at least twice a month.
  • Comprehensive observation planner for your in-the-field observation
  • Direct link to for the exchange of guided tours and workspaces

More Features:

  • Tracking and visualization tools, chart asteroids, comets, and meteor showers
  • Telescope control for most popular brands of robotic telescopes (ASCOM compliant)
  • Recording and exchange of guided tours
  • Numerical integration calculates the exact motion of comets and asteroids
  • Photo Galleries show hundreds of photos devoted to space and astronomy
  • Special “3D-flight” mode to study celestial bodies from a close distance, also controllable with a joystick




System Requirements:

Operating System

CPU Typ and Speed




Hard Drive Space



Win 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7

Athlon/Pentium, 1,5 GHz

512 MB

1024 x 768

High Color (16 Bit)

1 GB

16 Bit